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You could visit Kaiafas lake that is near the camping. In the middle of lake, there is an islend with a little church of Agia Aikaterini. The island i9s connected with the opposite land with a bridge. at Kaiafa's lake, every year, take place water ski contest. And of curse, there are Kaifa's sources where you could enjoy thermal baths.


Next to the camping, there is Neda river. You must visit Neda to admire its natural beauty. Neda is the river of the Peloponnese and is on the border of Ilia and Messinia. The river, in a large part, crosses a ravine with very rich vegetation. Along its path, creating waterfalls. The highest one is near Figalia and has a height of about 50 meters.

Ancient Olympia

Near the campsite located Ancient Olympia. An area of great archaeological interest you should not miss. Among others in Ancient Olympia will find:

  • The temple of Zeus
  • The Philippieion
  • The entrance to the stadium
  • The Gymnasium (Stadium)
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